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May 20th, 2011


Replacing Your Furnace -  (CMHC – 2011)

There are usually two major reasons why you are choosing another forced-air furnace. The first is that your furnace does not function. It has just broken down, irrevocably, or it has been “red-tagged” or condemned by gas inspectors. If it is winter, and your house is getting colder quickly, you may not have the luxury of making a reasoned choice on what to buy next. The other situation is that your furnace is getting old, or your fuel bills are becoming too excessive to tolerate. In this case, you have the time to shop around and get the best furnace and fuel for your situation.

This About Your House is written to address both situations. If you have a dead furnace and a chilly house, you will probably take some shortcuts in your selection process.
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Natural Resources Canada: Office of Energy Efficiency — Energy Efficiency Rating System – 2011

The Government of Canada has implemented energy efficiency standards for some heating equipment and other energy-consuming appliances and products. Some provincial and territorial governments have also introduced energy efficiency standards. Generally, these standards establish the minimum acceptable energy efficiency level for specific types of heating equipment. After the standards are in place, non-complying models are no longer allowed on the market where the standard applies.
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EnerGuide Room Air Conditioner Directory

A Few Basic Terms

The Advantages of Energy-Efficient Room Air Conditioners

Helpful Shopping Tools

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Unit

How to Read the EnerGuide Label

  • What the EnerGuide Label Tells You
  • ENERGY STAR® Means High Energy Efficiency

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